Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crown Hat Tutorial


Recently I had a chance to work with some young new sewers, and was reminded again how simple first projects need to be. That being said, here’s a very easy Jughead Hat that I designed, which uses just one pattern piece.


Supplies Needed: Four sheets of 9" x 12" felt, at least 8 buttons, and pattern piece. Click HERE to download.

Step 1. Print Jughead Hat Pattern at recommended percentage. Example: 100% (or 10.5" tall) will make a large adult size hat, 85% will make one that fits your average 10-year old. Trace pattern on all four sheets of felt and cut out.

Step 2. Place two pieces together and stitch as shown. The top stitching starts 1/4" in, and continues to bottom edge.


Step 3. Continue stitching pieces together, always starting in the middle of the top point, and continuing down and lock stitching at bottom edges to keep from unraveling.

Step 4. When all four pieces are connected, stitch final edges together.

Step 5. Trim all four seams neatly and very close to edge.

Step 6. Turn hat right side out. Fold edge up and hand stitch buttons through all the layers to keep the rim in place.

Step 7. Try on your new hat!

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